Precision and Accuracy in Wafer Dicing

Wafer dicing is a process of utmost importance in the manufacture of semiconductors; it is used to divide the silicon wafer into separate semiconductor devices, or dies. At this level of operation, precision is more than being delicate; it is in a class of its own, since the quality of dicing has direct impact on the performance and yield of the semiconductor devices. Advanced methodologies and technologies have been developed to meet these stringent requirements in such a way that the damages are minimized, and the throughput is maximized, while holding high standards of cleanliness and accuracy.

The Evolution of Wafer Dicing Techniques

Today traditional mechanical sawing process with a rotating blade or a diamond saw for wafer dicing has been, in some cases, substituted by more advanced methods like laser dicing Take laser dicing, for instance; it uses a sharply focused beam to cut the wafer exactly. Hence, the method offers less thermal damage and the possibility of cleaning the cuts with higher preciseness.

Innovations in Dicing Technology:

Stealth Dicing and Ultrafast Lasers dicing technologies
include stealth dicing, which includes an ultra-fast laser that improves
optimization in the dicing process. Stealth dicing, as a dry dicing technology,
requires no cooling liquid in preparation dicing and is therefore best suited
in the preparation of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). This technique
has the advantage in not only minimizing the generation of debris but also in
permitting good use of the wafer surface, since the loss of kerf will be

Stealth dicing (PLSD) technique is ultra-fast laser cutting of wafers, including silicon carbide (SiC), which is valued for excellent hardiness and resistance to heat. This implies that from the engineering aspect, there were fewer results of roughness, providing a possible cleaner and more accurate cutting that could maintain the integrity of the semiconductor devices.

Addressing the Demand for High Precision and Low Damage Dicing Solutions

Laser dicing systems fulfil this requirement very well since they keep the mechanical stress level very low and even reduce the occurrence of thermal damage. In general, such systems provide an attractive alternative to conventional dicing methods and the potential solution of achieving high-quality dies with improved yields and efficiency through innovation in laser sources, beam delivery, and process control.

The improvements in wafer dicing technology, in the end, demonstrate how the semiconductor industry simply keeps improving for increased precision, accuracy, and cutting down of damage to a minimum. In this way, modernized advancements assist not only in the present requirements for manufacturing a semiconductor device but also open doors for future growth and modernization in a fast-evolving field.

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Die Sorting Services

• To complement our wafer dicing, INTECH also offers automated die sorting services. Our die sorting systems work on import wafer maps or ink dot recognition.

• Our trained personnel along with manual die sorting systems are available so die sort projects that do not lend themselves to automation are not a problem. 

• Die sort is packaged to chip tray or Gel Pak® or as per customer requirements.

• Whether you require high volume production or a single wafer prototype build, INTECH has the die sorting solution for you

Wafer Dicing Services

Intech specializes in providing advanced wafer dicing services to meet the diverse needs of the semiconductor industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies allow us to deliver precise and efficient dicing solutions for various types of wafers.

Wafer Dicing Services We Offer

  • Silicon Wafer Dicing

At Intech, we excel in dicing silicon wafers, a fundamental component in semiconductor manufacturing. Our expertise and precision equipment enable us to achieve accurate and clean cuts, ensuring the integrity and quality of the diced dies.

  • Cu Pillar Bump Wafer Dicing

We also offer dicing services for Cu pillar bump wafers, which are commonly used in advanced packaging applications. Our specialized equipment and techniques enable us to handle the unique requirements of Cu pillar bump wafers, providing precise and reliable dicing results.

  • Multiple Pattern Wafer (MPW) Dicing

Intech is experienced in dicing MPW wafers, which consist of multiple device patterns on a single wafer. With our advanced dicing methodologies, we can accurately separate the different patterns, ensuring optimal functionality and performance of each diced die.

  • MEMS Wafer Dicing

MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) wafers require specialized dicing techniques due to their delicate nature. Our skilled technicians and advanced equipment ensure the precise dicing of MEMS wafers, maintaining the integrity of the microstructures and achieving high-quality results.

  • Glass Dicing

Intech offers glass dicing services for various types of glass substrates used in semiconductor and optical applications. Examples include borosilicate glass and Schott D261. Our advanced equipment and expertise in handling delicate materials allow us to achieve precise and clean cuts on glass wafers, meeting the stringent requirements of these specialized applications.

Die Sorting Services We Offer

In addition to our comprehensive wafer dicing capabilities, Intech also provides professional die sorting services to ensure the quality and efficiency of your semiconductor manufacturing process. Our die sorting processes involve meticulous inspection and classification of diced dies to meet the specific requirements of each project.

  • Waffle Pack Sorting 

Our die sorting experts utilize advanced equipment to accurately place the diced dies into waffle pack trays. This systematic approach ensures proper organization and protection of the dies, facilitating ease of handling and further assembly processes.

  • Gel Pack Sorting

Intech offers reliable gel pack sorting services, where the diced dies are encapsulated in gel-filled packages. This packaging method provides enhanced protection and stability, particularly for sensitive or fragile components, ensuring the integrity of the dies during subsequent handling and assembly.

With our die sorting capabilities, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of your diced dies. Our skilled technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and stringent quality control processes ensure that each die meets the required specifications and is ready for the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Partner with Intech for comprehensive wafer dicing and die sorting services. Our expertise, advanced technologies, and commitment to excellence enable us to deliver precise, efficient, and high-quality results for your semiconductor manufacturing needs. Trust us to handle your wafer dicing and die sorting requirements with professionalism and precision, contributing to the success of your semiconductor projects.