Reliability Services

At Intech, we provide exceptional reliability services for Wire Pull and Ball Shear Testing. Following stringent JEDEC standards, our experts meticulously analyze the strength and integrity of your semiconductor components. With precise testing techniques, we help identify potential weaknesses and ensure the highest level of product reliability. Count on us to optimize performance and elevate customer confidence with our reliable and accurate testing processes.

LQFP package- wire pull and ball shear

Ball Shear Reliability Services - Assessing Package Integrity (JESD22-B116 | JESD22-B117)

Intech Technologies leads the field in Ball Shear Reliability Services, utilizing the respected JEDEC (JESD22-B117) standards to ensure rigorous and consistent testing. The ball shear testing process plays an essential role in scrutinizing the mechanical resilience and integrity of solder joints within semiconductor packages.

Our state-of-the-art testing tools, coupled with our seasoned technicians, guarantee accurate and dependable outcomes, enabling clients to pinpoint potential failure sources and fortify their products. Through the replication of real-world stress scenarios, we facilitate enhancements to package design and manufacturing methodologies, culminating in elevated product performance and dependability.

At Intech Technologies, our Ball Shear Reliability Services are crafted to surpass client anticipations. We recognize the paramount importance of package solidity and dependability in the semiconductor industry, and our all-encompassing suite of services, including IC package assembly and failure analysis, ensures superior product quality and client satisfaction.

Boasting a history of delivering exceptional results, Intech Technologies emerges as a reliable ally in the pursuit of excellence in semiconductor production. Our dedication to distinction, adherence to JEDEC standards, and wide-ranging service offerings position us as the go-to choice for companies looking to propel their semiconductor products to greater heights of reliability and market success.

Wire Pull Testing

At Intech Technologies, our dedication to advancing the standards of reliability testing is embodied in our extensive Wire Pull services. Equipped with cutting-edge testing technology and a team of adept technicians, we execute in-depth analysis of bond strength and wire connections integrity within semiconductor packages.

The critical process of Wire Pull testing allows us to gauge the resilience and quality of the connections between wire bonds and bond pads. By applying controlled force to the wires, we expose potential frailties or susceptibility that may become apparent during the product’s lifespan. Our thorough and dependable testing methods equip our clients with meaningful data to refine their design and manufacturing protocols, thus maximizing performance and guaranteeing ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our Wire Pull Reliability Services are instrumental in the creation of superior semiconductor products. As your reliable ally, we do more than just present test results; we supply actionable data and insights that enable you to make knowledgeable decisions and fulfill the highest quality benchmarks. By amalgamating our extensive knowledge in IC package assembly and failure analysis, Intech Technologies presents a well-rounded array of services that promise unparalleled product reliability and carve a path for your market success.

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