Wire Bonding Services

Intech Technologies International provides top-tier Wire Bonding services, employing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise and robust connections for semiconductor components.
wire bonding service

Intech Technologies, a leading provider of semiconductor assembly and packaging solutions, offers a comprehensive range of advanced wire bonding services. Our expertise includes various wire bonding techniques, such as ball bonding, wedge bonding, down bonding, reverse bonding, and stud bumping. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of skilled professionals, we deliver high-quality wire bonding solutions for diverse applications in the semiconductor industry.

Wire Bonding Services We Offer 

Ball Bonding:

Our ball bonding service involves the precise attachment of gold (Au) wires to bond pads on semiconductor devices. We utilize wires with a diameter greater than 0.8 mil (20.32 µm), ensuring robust and reliable connections. Our advanced equipment and stringent quality control measures ensure a bonding accuracy of 2.5 µm, meeting the industry’s high standards. By leveraging ball bonding, we achieve excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical strength in the wire interconnects.

Wedge Bonding:

Wedge bonding is another key wire bonding technique we offer. With expertise in aluminum (Al) wedge bonding, we provide reliable and high-performance connections. Our Al wedge bonding wires have a diameter of 0.7 mil (17.78 µm) with 3 sigma control, ensuring consistent and precise bonding results. This technique is ideal for applications that require robust and cost-effective wire interconnections.

Down Bonding:

Down bonding is a specialized wire bonding technique used for vertical connections, where the wire is bonded directly below the bond pad. It offers excellent electrical performance and compact packaging solutions. At Intech, we have the capabilities to perform down bonding with various wire materials and sizes to meet specific application requirements.

Reverse Bonding:

Reverse bonding, also known as stitch bonding, involves attaching the wire to the reverse side of the bond pad. This technique is commonly used for interconnecting devices with pad designs that require connections from the opposite side. Our reverse bonding services ensure precise and reliable wire interconnections, enabling optimal device performance.

Stud Bumping:

Stud bumping is a specialized wire bonding process used for flip-chip packaging. It involves forming bumps on the bond pads of the chip using wire material, typically gold (Au). These bumps serve as the connection points when the chip is flipped and bonded onto the target substrate. Our stud bumping services enable high-density interconnections, enhancing the performance and reliability of flip-chip packages.

COB Bonding:

Chip-on-Board (COB) bonding is a technique where a bare semiconductor chip is directly mounted onto a substrate or circuit board. At Intech, we specialize in COB bonding services, ensuring precise alignment and reliable electrical connections. Our advanced equipment and experienced technicians enable us to handle various chip sizes and complex interconnections, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions.

SIP Bonding:

System-in-Package (SIP) bonding involves integrating multiple chips or components into a single package to achieve higher functionality and performance. Our SIP bonding services enable the seamless integration of different technologies and functionalities, offering miniaturized and highly integrated solutions. With our expertise, we ensure the precise alignment and bonding of the components, resulting in optimal electrical and mechanical performance.

Die Bonding:

Die bonding is a critical process in semiconductor assembly, where individual chips or dies are precisely positioned and attached to a substrate or package. At Intech, we excel in die bonding services, utilizing advanced equipment and techniques to achieve accurate placement and secure attachment. Our capabilities cover various die sizes, including small and delicate components, ensuring high reliability and quality in the assembly process.

Gel Pak Bonding:

Gel pak bonding is a specialized technique used for the handling and protection of sensitive components during the assembly process. It involves the use of gel paks, which provide cushioning and protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and physical damage. Intech offers gel pak bonding services to ensure safe handling and transportation of components, minimizing the risk of contamination or damage.

Flip Chip Bonding:

Flip chip bonding is a widely used technology for high-density interconnections in semiconductor packaging. It involves bonding the active surface of a chip directly to a substrate or package, enabling efficient heat dissipation and compact form factors. At Intech, we specialize in flip chip bonding services, including both solder attach and solder reflow processes. Our expertise in flip chip bonding ensures precise alignment, reliable interconnections, and superior electrical and thermal performance.


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