Wafer Backgrinding Services

Intech Technologies International leads the way in wafer preparation, employing cutting-edge techniques to achieve superior semiconductor packaging, guaranteeing exceptional quality for our clients.
Waffer backgrinding service by intech

Intech specializes in providing cutting-edge wafer thinning services to unlock the full potential of your semiconductor devices. With our state-of-the-art capabilities for 12-inch wafers, we offer precise and efficient wafer thinning solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the industry. Our commitment to excellence and technological expertise make us the preferred partner for all your wafer thinning needs.


Wafer Thinig Services We Offer

At Intech, we understand the importance of wafer thinning in semiconductor manufacturing. Our comprehensive wafer thinning services are designed to enhance device performance, optimize functionality, and enable advanced packaging solutions. With meticulous attention to detail and advanced techniques, we can achieve wafer thicknesses that meet your specific requirements, ranging from ultra-thin wafers for advanced applications to standard thicknesses for traditional designs.


Types of Wafers We Can Back Grind

Intech is equipped to handle various types of wafers for back grinding, including:

  • Silicon Wafer

Silicon wafers are the most common substrate used in semiconductor manufacturing. Our precise back grinding techniques ensure uniform thickness and exceptional flatness for optimal device performance.

  • Compound Semiconductor Wafer

 We specialize in back grinding compound semiconductor wafers, such as gallium arsenide (GaAs) and indium phosphide (InP), which are widely used in high-frequency and optoelectronic applications.

  • Specialty Substrait Wafers

Our expertise extends to back grinding specialty substrate wafers, including silicon carbide (SiC) and sapphire wafers. These substrates offer unique properties that enable advanced device functionalities.


12 Inch Wafer Capabilities

Intech is equipped to handle 12-inch wafers, allowing us to cater to the demands of modern semiconductor technologies. Our advanced capabilities enable us to precisely thin wafers of various materials, including silicon, compound semiconductors, and specialty substrates. Whether you require uniform thicknesses or customized thinning profiles, our expertise ensures consistent and reliable results.


Advantages of Wafer Thinning

By leveraging our wafer thinning services and 12-inch wafer capabilities, you can unlock numerous benefits for your semiconductor devices:

  • Enhanced Performance

Wafer thinning enables improved electrical performance, reduced resistance, and increased device speed, leading to enhanced overall device performance.

  • Thinner Package Profile

Thinner wafers allow for compact and lightweight semiconductor packages, facilitating miniaturization and integration of devices into various applications.

  • Improved Thermal Management

Thinner wafers offer better thermal conductivity, allowing for efficient heat dissipation and improved device reliability.

  • Enhance Yeld and Cost Efficiency 

Wafer thinning can enhance yield rates by minimizing stress-related defects and improving manufacturing efficiency. It also optimizes material usage, resulting in cost savings.

Partner with Intech for top-quality wafer thinning services and experience the advantages of our 12-inch wafer capabilities. Our dedicated team, combined with advanced techniques, ensures precise and efficient wafer thinning tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to unlock the full potential of your semiconductor devices through our reliable and cutting-edge wafer thinning solutions.

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