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Die Shear | Wire Pull

The shear system has a unique ‘programmable shear height’ feature that gives consistently accurate positioning over a wide range of height applications. The height reference is taken, prior to the shear, from a soft landing of the shear tool on the substrate adjacent to the bond being tested.

The wire pull system has a range of test cartridges that allows the machine to perform bond strength over a wide range of loads.


To further enhance failure analysis where the product has been encapsulated, an X-ray system is available to provide high magnification, high contrast and highly detailed real-time images for failure analysis. The detailed X-ray image is capable of inspecting interconnection wires on IC as well as pin point defects such as solder joint shorts, opens and voids.


SEM (Scanning electron microscope) provides our customer with failure analysis and process characterization. The SEM can also produce representations of three-dimensional views from the target object and allows target surface analysis to be performed.

Flip Chip Bonding

As the trend of consumer products is driven towards the requirement of smaller, lighter and thinner devices, INTECH offers a smaller package type solution, flip chip, just for that market.

Flip chip is an integrated circuit fabrication packaging that provides smaller than traditional carrier based systems with less inductance, higher signal speed and better heat conducting, hence making it suitable for certain applications such as portable electronics.

Wire Bonding

INTECH provides standard wire bonding services that are cost-effective and flexible for the vast majority of semiconductor packages. Our standard wire bonding services include gold ball bonding and aluminium wedge bonding.

Die Bond

Following wafer dicing, INTECH can assemble your dies into open cavity plastic or ceramic substrate. We provide standard die bonding services using adhesive based on your requirements. On top of that, INTECH supplies flip-chip, stacked die and chip on board assembly capability. We also provide customized labeling and barcoding on chips for your specific needs.


INTECH offers standard backgrinding and bumped wafer backgrinding. We use automated state-of-the-art wafer backgrinding equipment to achieve the highest level of quality available and can continuously achieve thin wafer target thicknesses up to 0.05 mm for 8” and 12” wafers. We provide bumped wafer backgrinding, standard wafer grinding, single die backgrinding, and custom wafer backgrinding all with streamlined processing time.